Woman in rose garden

Konditaget Lüders

Workout with a view.

Copenhagen's JAJA Architects have turned the multilevel car-park concept on its head with their jaw-dropping Konditaget Lüders. Playfully dubbed 'Park and Play', the eight-floor structure features living green walls, a perforated mural frieze representing Nordhavn's history, and an external staircase complete with stopwatch function to time your ascent to the top. Waiting there is a huge rooftop playground, offering spectacular views of Copenhagen, the Øresund and Sweden, as well as 'dare-devil' trampolines suspended above a void that looks eight floors down.

Skadar Lake in Montenegro.

Lake Skadar is  shared between Montenegro and Albania. On the Montenegrin side it is declared as a national park and today it´s one of Europe’s largest bird habitats. Also it´s the home of the Dalmatien pelicans, if you are lucky you can even have the chance to see them!

Additionally, the Lake Skadar national park offers some spectacular places, like island monasteries, wonderful viewpoints, floating water lilies and perfect clear waters. If you are a nature lover, it`s definitely the right place for you.