Portland Towers

Portland towers are two former Aalborg Portland silos which have been converted into a BREEAM-certified office building in the emerging Nordhavn district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The conversion was completed in 2014 to design by Design Group Architects.
Sandkaj (Sand Quay) was built in connection with an extension to the Freeport of Copenhagen in the 1950s and 1960s. The silos were built in 1979 by Aalborg Portland for the storage of cement. They were converted into an apartment building by NCC Prpperty Development in 2013–14 with ATP Ejendomme, PFA Pension and Pensiondanmark as investors.

The Hermitage Palace

Info: "The Hermitage Palace has, through the years, been the centre for royal hunts and are naturally connected to Danish Kings hunting traditions - as well as their decorative hunting estates - which is surrounded by large hunting fields and pastures - and is a important a part of the Danish Cultural Heritage and royal history. The Hermitage Palace was built in Baroque style - as a Royal Hunting Lodge in 1734 - for King Christian VI (1699-1746 - ruled Denmark and Norway 1730-1746) and is situated 16 km north of the city centre of Copenhagen."


The old bridge in Rijeka Crnojevica

The bridge was built in 1853, by the Montenegrin Prince Danilo, who erected the bridge in memory of his father Stanko Petrović. On the left side of the river, next to the bridge, Danilo I also built a one-storey house, popularly called Mostina. Danilo's bridge is a double-arched limestone bridge. Its total length is 43 meters. Danilo's bridge replaced the previous wooden bridge across the river, which was built by his predecessor Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.



Wonderful Copenhagen

Photo Walk - Spring 2017